суббота, 10 декабря 2016 г.

It so happened that this theft came to me when the baby was already born. That is, I have not had time to test it in action, being pregnant. However, for more than 2 years, we are actively using this pillow the whole family, everyone has found a use for it, and everyone is happy with its functionality, due to its shape and filling balls, which gives shape to hold very well (relative to other filling), it can be applied in various ways. Here are a few situations where this pillow is used in our family:

-When the baby was a little often used the pillow while feeding either placed under the back, or part of it tucked under the arm. However, the layout of invent ways to cushion itself depending on the situation, those offered on the Internet, I like that did not fit

-When The child began to move, like a side airbag was used to restrict the space for games (again, it was convenient because of its length)

-all the family take turns using it as a cushion for a comfortable position on the couch / bed. Due to its length it can be spread in different figures, which gives many different variants of forms depending on the preferences and human

-lyubimy sports projectile child as soon as he began to walk, why till now (and a half years) loves for him to walk, jump, roll on it. We have several different pillows with different fillings, but popular only cushions with balls.

Yes, and in general the child loves to play with this pillow, cushion most of the time it spends in the corner of the game. He always lays it in different ways, either lying on it or arranges a house or puts her toys. Pillow involved, probably half his games

Pillow acquired (along with several other products) in the German online store kidsroom. It cost me a half times cheaper than in our stores. This pillow like the idea very happy. It is worth it is not cheap (especially in relation to our peers), but when I bought it in Germany, where the price seemed reasonable. Cushion sewn qualitatively, during the operation is not broke, do not thread blossomed. But, as many have already mentioned, it is hurting, it is estimated that the amount of lost interest 20. At the moment, for us it is not critical, the remaining capacity is completely lacking in our daily actions. Besides, I at one time I gave a small pillow with balls of domestic production (it turned out that the donation pillow appeared a month before PharMeDoc), with which my child too happy to play, but she lost in the amount of more, not less than one-third of the original . In general, the idea of ​​pillow pleased to recommend, it is useful and interesting to everyone. But to decide what to take a pillow, Teraline or opt for our counterparts, I offer to make everyone most about your preferences, market conditions, etc.